Return GreenboxHelp Save the Environment

If you lost your label and would like to return a GREENBOX

  1. Click the following link\button and Print your UPS or FedEx label
  2. Cut along the dotted line or simply fold in half so the Return Label is on top.
  3. Affix the label with tape directly on the top center of the GREENBOX or
    the box containing the panels being returned.
  4. Each shipping label number is unique and can be used only once
  5. Give the GREENBOX to your UPS or FedEx carrier or drop off at any UPS Store \ UPS or FedEx office.

For Domestic Returns:

For Puerto Rico or Hawaii Returns:

>> Click Here for FedEx Shipping Label<<


Don't Return EcoFlex boxes to us. You have the wrong website.  Go Here to return them.

Return Greenbox

Return Greenbox

Not a Greenbox