Scott Bullard

Scott Bullard works directly with Warehouse Asset Management (WAM) and Coldchain Technology Services (CTS). Teaming with Merck in 1994 for his first major vaccine production validation project, Mr. Bullard has over two decades of experience in operations, business development, validations, manufacturing, movement of large scale time & temperature collections, infectious material management & relocation, regulatory compliance, and quality assurance in cGMP environments, protocol/procedure authoring, cGMP compliance audits, and practical application of cGMP within warehouse and transportation operations.

Mr. Bullard was involved in the Emergency Response efforts for the 2001 anthrax attacks and brings valuable event response experiences to the team. He was the logistics lead for the City of Chicago Public Health Department’s H1N1 Pandemic Response achieving the highest saturation and earliest completion of any major metropolitan area. As the QA/QC (QCU) Co-Lead for the CDC’s DSNS Program overseeing all material management and regulatory compliance for the world’s largest single stockpile of medical assets and ancillary supplies. He has participated in numerous large scale, planned and unplanned, emergency response / security events providing CBRN countermeasure asset management for the health care mission.

Mr. Bullard brings unique and experience in thermodynamics of ambient/frozen /ultra-low temperature environments and cryopreservation. He spent many years selling laboratory equipment including tissue culture incubators, biosafety cabinets, freezers & refrigerators, centrifuges and ultra-lows. In 1995 he co-founded, the first cGMP biorepository specializing in select agent storage and transportation and the preferred offsite storage for the National Institutes of Health’s most valuable research specimens. He has participated in the design and operation of storage and distribution facilities for temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products, providing project management from site selection through buildout to day-to-day operations. Mr. Bullard is a founder or co-founder of three national companies in the biopharma services; Key Scientific, now part of ThermoFisher, Cryonix now part of ThermoFisher, and Labpro now part of UnitedHealth.

Currently the Director of Business Development for Coldchain Technology Services in Spring Branch Texas providing Medical Material Management & Supply Chain Solutions to Ensure Comprehensive Product Life Cycle Security via Discreet Pinpoint Distribution and Fulfillment.