Juan Rivera

Juan Rivera is the Director of Information and Technology at Coldchain Technology Services. Juan worked as IT Director of Media Services for a small company from July 2006 to 2014 leading strategic accounts, strategic alliances, information technology and solutions such as the City of San Antonio’s Metro Health directive. Before moving to the San Antonio area in June 2006, He worked in the Semi-conductor arena for Agilent Technologies and J&W Scientific for 6+ years developing applications and infrastructure solutions for application developers. He has worked in the technology arena since 1984, working for companies such as Bank of America for 20+ years holding a variety of positions in hardware and software support, consulting, implementing a family of servers, database, and middleware software and solutions.

His background has changed over the years as an IT Director, Systems Architect and earlier and his career Juan also served as Consultant, Web Developer, Applications developer, DBA, System Admin, Systems Consultant in support of Application Developers and generalist, Infrastructure Support designing, implementing Windows 2008/2003/2000/NT and Linux Networks and Applications Solutions. Juan’s passion is to be an innovative solutions provider. He also enjoys a career in video production.