IMSElectronic Inventory Management


Providing Real Time World Wide Visibility and Inventory Optimization

Reduce facility requirements by optimizing inventory turns.

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IMS Advantages
  • Real-time asset tracking
  • Inventory and transaction reporting
  • Inventory history
  • Access to data for forecasting and analysis
  • 24-hour access via web enabled device

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Coldchain Technology Services utilizes a powerful database system
Maintain real-time product visibility. The Inventory Management System is a web based system that is available through any web enabled device. The IMS creates an indelible record for every product that is received into our custody and tracks it through its shipment to the end user.

IMS Advantages
Each product received is assigned a barcode number that tracks its path through the supply chain process. All transactions concerning this barcode are recorded to build the in-house inventory history. The transactions will include the receipt, put-away, quantity adjustments, shipments, transfers, and any outgoing shipments.

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Facility and User Management

The IMS allows you to organize the inventory into a hierarchical structure based on the program and/or geographical location of products. This hierarchy allows large numbers of facilities to be organized to facilitate easy access to products. Users can be assigned access at different levels to any or all of the facilities or programs defined within the IMS. User definition and facility hierarchy work to help sequester your inventory only to those users assigned to the product.


So, where are we at today?


The IMS allows your users to extract shipment and receipt quantities, monitor expiration and low inventory levels, investigate funding allocations, and lot status reports. These reports can be generated from the IMS website and then exported to excel for further statistical analysis.

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Electronic Platform Accessible from Any Web Enabled Device