Features & BenefitsSentry Temperature Monitoring


Reliable, Affodable, Redundant, & Secure Cloud Based Monitoring

The Most Advanced Sensing & Data Acquisition Hardware Combined with the Full Functionality and Features of the Powerful and Costly Monitoring Software Systems Used by Pharma, Biotech, Repositories, and Large Laboratories.

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 Having a peace of mind...

Imagine how much easier your life could be if you had consistency and a peace of mind, you could invest your time on your company's strategic vision instead of the day to day tasks that are trivial but necessary to keep your business running and functioning properly.

If you were not so preoccupied with those tasks, you would be able to attend to your long term company goals and work toward achieving them.

Coldchain Technology Services can help you with the tasks of Monitoring your temperature sensitive products. Not only that but the Sentry Monitoring Asset Resource Terminal (SMART) can help you monitor and display anything that you wish to measure or capture as a data value.
The sky is the limit...


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 Two Systems In-One

As Professionals Responsible
for Our Own Vaccine Inventory,
We Know That Redundancy Is Critical.
In Addition to the Primary Software Platform's
Own Systems of Data Retention,
User Accountability,
Reporting Tools,
and Alarm Records Your Local Data Acquisition
Device Will Serve as a 100% Redundant System

 We take it personally

Our Material and Vaccine Managers Led the Design and Technology Team to Engineer a Reliable, Redundant, Powerful & Truly Compliant Monitoring System Flexible Enough for the Single Refrigerator Clinic Location to Afford & Enjoy a Powerful Oversight and Management Tool for Their Critical Products

  • No Dedicated PC, Server, Hosting or ASP
  • No Proprietary Software to Buy or Upgrade
  • No Hardware to Acquire and Maintain
  • No Battery Only Driven Data Collection
  • Not Limited to Temperature (Rh% Available)
  • Not a Series of Hardware Web Interface Pages
  • Yes Sentry Can Incorporate Generators
  • Yes Sentry Can Integrate Camera Feed
  • Yes Sentry Has Door Ajar Capability
  • Yes Sentry Has Local Audible & Visual Alert Capability

benefits monitoring

 Redundancy = Reliability

Power: 115V power and a battery backup
Data: Holds 2 years of data on hardware
Display: Digital display of temp or Rh%
Audible: Contact for local audible alert
Visual: Contact for local visual alert
Door Switch: Available "Door Ajar" monitor

 You Get Continuous Monitoring and Real Time Alerts to Out of Range Conditions & Network Outages That Blind Other Monitoring Systems

  • Real Time Alerts With User Defined Thresholds & Delays
  • Monitoring Service Contracts From 12 to 36 Months
  • Monthly Fee Includes Hardware and Calibration
  • 100% Scalable - Priced on a Per Probe Basis for Clinic Access
  • Temperature Monitoring Designed for Your Operations Budget
  • Continuous Monitoring with Active Display
  • Alert for out-of-range temperature events
  • Digital Thermometer with Thermal Mass Buffer
  • Single Button for 12Hr/1Day/1Week/1Month Min/Max Graph
  • +/- 0.5 Centigrade Accuracy with NIST Traceable Calibration
  • Alerts Remain Active Until Acknowledged by User
  • Local Archive of Annual (525,600 readings) Temperature Data
  • Sentry Cloud Archive Storage is Unlimited Backup to Local Data
  • Alert Roster Management, Report History and User Audit Trail
  • Historical Data Export, Standard Reports, PDF, & Printing
  • Advanced Trending and Export of Alarm History
  • Ability to Integrate Cameras, Generators, and Security Devices
  • Wired or Wireless Using Your Existing Network
  • All Hardware is United States Made

all points under single control

 Easy to Use

All of Your Points Under a Single
Control Interface with Easy to Use
Intuitive Controls for Alarm Setpoints,
Delays, Alarm Notification Call-Out
Tree, Auditing of User Activity, Data
Analysis, Data Export, User Access

cloud based
continuously up to date

 Cloud Based

Java Driven – Continuously Up-to-Date; Eliminating Software Upgrades Open the Desktop Shortcut to See Data Maintained in Client Archive Safe & Secure Archiving of Critical Data for Easy Access and Analysis Continuous Comparison of Real-Time Values to Alert Settings


 First Year Includes

Calibrated Type K Thermocouple in Thermal Buffer Sentry iServer Hardware to Measure, Generate Data, & Transfer Data to Cloud Custom Sentry User Interface with Real-Time Dashboard, Reports, and Alert History No Limits on Number of Devices with Sentry Application Shortcut Sentry Compliance Toolkit Covering System Design, Requirements, & Specifications Up to 525,000 Temperature Readings; All Secured In Redundant Cloud Archives Unlimited Alert Notifications to Email or Text/SMS


 Optional Sentry Oversight Call Center

Continuous 24.7.36 Oversight by Trained Subject Matter Experts Ensure Alerts Reach Designee and Assist Response Auto Archive and Back Up of All Data Points Annual Audit Report of Temps, Excursions, Alarms, & Response


 Follow Up Maintenance Agreement Includes

User Interface Updates; Two Per Year (i.e. adding a refrigerator & probe)Probe Calibration & Certificate of Calibration to NIST Traceable Standards

cfr 21 part 11 ready