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Revolutionary Phase-change Material Used

Features a passive thermal management system, with no moving parts and no requirement for external power sources. The revolutionary phase-change material used is also far more potent and effective than anything else on the market. That means almost twice the payload space for your pharmaceuticals, biologics, and blood shipments. Ship more, with fewer boxes. Yet another savings for your distribution related expenses. Don’t be boxed in by competitors' payload dimensions

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A SIMPLE PACKING PROTOCOL Thanks to the GREENBOX single packing protocol, preparing shipments is faster and infinitely more simple than ever before. GREENBOX features a "no wait" instant-pack protocol without complicated procedures, just a simple process to ensure you're meeting the required temperature of your payload.

Reusable: GREENBOX can safely and reliably be used again and again, saving you money over the long haul, and won’t end up in our landfills after every shipment. Our innovative solutions help our customers to achieve reductions in warehouse space, shipping weight, and overall freight.

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The Envoy Direct line of temperature-controlled solutions was designed in accordance with market feedback

The Envoy Direct series maintains refrigerated temperatures for a duration of one day and is tested to the ISTA 7E profile. Depending on the level of protection required, the packaging solutions are available with either PolarPack® gel packs or PolarPack® foam bricks as refrigerants.

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