Supply Chain OptimizationLike a well oiled machine

Breakdowns in your Supply Chain Process can bring your operation to a halt

While improvements to your Supply Chain add value to your product and your organization, increasing your competitive edge.

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The HealthCare Mission is High Stakes

and delivering critical life saving measures that must be on time and the highest possible quality requires unique expertise and a proven record of performance.

Experience Designing

At CTS, we have been designing temperature controlled supply chains since 1995, we know how to manage systems of control and compliance. Let our proven subject matter expertise help you.


Don't Let Your Legacy to Science Be The Foam You Left Behind

Styrofoam landfillThe Greenbox and CTS's Closed Loop Reclamation Cycle is the Most Sustainable Supply Chain System Available.  

Styrofoam takes up 30% of our landfills and we dispose of 1,400 tons per day in the United States alone.  Let us Show You How to Design a Winning Green Initiative.


Our cGMP Facilities Solve Your Space Needs for Finished Goods & Ingredients (API's)

warehouse facilities problems - vaccine bottlesWe have cGMP Facilities to Meet Your Changing Storage Needs

  • CRT and 2-8C and -20C and -40C
  • Monitored by State of the Art Custom Data Acquistion Platform
  • Ample Redundancy of Controlled Space and Power
  • Audited and Qualified by Current Clients
  • VAAWD Certified and Licensed Drug Distributor in 46 States

Coldchain's SHIP2Q Process Ensures a Certified Shipper Every Time

greenbox shipper certifiedThe Reclamation Process Starts With Your Product Carefully Stored Under Our cGMP Quality System Until Kitted, Packed in a Qualified Temperature Controlled Shipper, and Released to Their Destination by Trained CTS Personnel.  

The Shipper is Then Reclaimed for Sanitization and Re-Certification Before Being Placed Into Available Stock for the Next Shipment.

A Green Reclamation System May Save Your Organization Money

pills money big pharma profitsYour One-and-Done System May be Costing You More Than Necessary.

Let Us Perform a Smart Team Supply Chain Analysis For You To See If You Could Benefit From a Closed Loop Supply Chain System

Every gear is important in your supply chain