ReclamationA Closed Loop Supply Chain

Lower Your Costs Per Shipment

Increase Performance With VIP Insulation, Add Days of Temperature Range for Safety from Frustrated Shipments, Utilize Pre-Qualified Packouts, Decrease Shipping Weights, Increase Payload Area, Eliminate Wet-Ice, Landfill Waste, & Styrofoam or Polyfoam.



Stop paying to ship the additional heavy Gel-Paks needed to make up for an inefficient and disposable "one-and-done" foam shipper that will end up in the trash. If you ship more than a few times a week and your payload needs are regular, then the closed loop system may present a sustainable and cost effective shipping process for you

  • Stop Landfill Waste.
  • Eliminate Wet-Ice.
  • Decrease Shipping Weights.
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The Safe Hygienic ,Irradiation Performance Process & Qualification.
We provide customized solutions for each or all shipment legs based on our customer needs.

  • Ensures components performance to original manufacturer specifications
  • Detailed inspection & record of performance profile assessment
  • Cleaning/Decontamination UV sanitization destroys viability of DNA/RNA based organisms
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Comprehensive Solutions for Healthcare Supply Chain Management.